What are some examples of players committing career suicide?

What are your favorite examples of player doing NFL related things that send their careers down the drain? I am not talking about off the field incidents like Riley Cooper’s racist remarks, or Greg Hardy committing assault. More like LeVeon Bell holding out during his prime, only to never be an impactful player again.

Elon Musk wasting his valuable time fooling around with cryptocurrency instead of spending that time doing the sorts of things that will propel humanity even further.

Some sell-side analyst I heard of was wasted at a conference. Walked over to a CEO, grabbed his burger and took a bite, laughed and then walked away. He was let go the next day, but somehow found a job not too long after. Legend.

Some guy sprayed champagne all over his old boss’ office then shared the video on the interweb. Lost his CFA charter albeit probably temporarily…