What are some of the common office words you hate?

just curious.

“do this…” “can you…” “inappropriate at work…” “contact…” “you are fired b/c you pissed on…”

“let’s talk about it” “according to the policy” … “Yeah, Peter, what’s happening?, I am going need you to come in this Saturday, yeah, and yeah, yeah, and I also need you to come in next Saturday, yeah and yeah, that will be great”


“Thanks” no joke. it pisses me off when someone sends some crazy a$$ email at 2am, while I was a good little analyst and signed off at 11pm, but they are requesting something due at 11am and calling my phone off the hook to tell me to check my mail for their note at 9am (I never ever pick up my phone before 10am), but if someone calls me 2-3 times I will look for an email or something (or listen to their message) and then I will see some request that they have to crunch a massive financial model for them due to some partner. they will end the email with “this is due to mr. BSD partner by 11am. please let me know if you have any issues with completion. thanks, mr. late 877-123-6969 mr_late_aka_im_too_high_up_at_your_company_to_say_no_to_me@damnit.com

FYI Can you do me a favour Just a chat

“It is what it is”

anything ends with a question mark…i don’t want any responsibility sorry, just let me do my thing. i especially hate “how was your weekend?” question on mondays.

Hakuna Matata.

iPad. iPad iPad.

“how was your weekend?” “What are you doing this weekend”

“How are you?”

Pay freeze! Nuff said.

“To be discussed” (most of the time said by the manager) during a meeting when a decision is needed to go further…I really hate that! “I have a question about the bill you entered for (…)” And last but not least: “I am way too busy to help you! Don’t have time for that.” --> and of course, your colleague just close an IE browser…

It looks like someone has a case of the mondays.

nequity Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > “It is what it is” Agreed! I sometimes like to respond, saying “Of course it is.”

bchadwick Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > nequity Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > “It is what it is” > > > Agreed! I sometimes like to respond, saying “Of > course it is.” Ok. I’ve decided if anyone says “It is what it is” to me, I will say “Of course it is. If it was not what it is, it would not be what it is”.

why not respond “that depends on what your definition of ‘is’, is.” seriously i also hate stupid inane comments that are part of any office life.

I love using “it is what it is”. it’s a great way to stonewall someone who wants information you don’t want to share.

I hate when I hear: “I can’t go out with you because you’re married, crazy dog!”