what are the career paths for these two positions?

one year fund accounting experience and now there are two opportunities, both are entry level: 1. Performance measurement analyst at a large financial service co., covering portfolio measurement and attribution. 2. Portfolio modeling analyst in a large insurance company, covering asset portfolio modeling; net income, cash flow, yields forecasting, etc. Which one is more related to CFA training? Which one is a better opportunity? Any inputs will be highly appreciated

On the surface, #2 sounds more interesting, since you get to look at how portfolio construction affects expected yields. If you get involved in yield curve modeling, that is a skill that probably will be in demand for a while. For #1; portfolio attribution is all fine and well, but I gather it gets kind of boring fairly quickly and it’s not clear where you go from there. You clearly CAN go somewhere, it’s just not clear from that description where it will be.