What are the job prospects after Msc Finance and CFA level 2?


I am from India, aged 22. I will be writing CFA level 1 in Dec’15 and level 2 in June’16(if I will be able to pass). After that I am planning on to do Msc in Finance from Abroad.

So, What are the job prospects after Msc in Finance and CFA level 2?


Although the CFA focuses on investments,however many many top Bschools around the globe,design their Mfin program with the CFA curiculm in mind and even go as far as forming partnerships.Look at LBS for example.If you have passed level 2 then I guess a normanl Mfin program has nothing new to offer you,the only types of programs having something to offer are quant oriented programs,then again for quant getting a masters degree in mathmatics/statistics will serve you alot better than a hybrid quant degree.

Mfin has no added value once you have CFA unless its from a very very good school (Oxbridge,LBS,LSE,etc…)