What are the oldTimers up to?

I am in NYC, doing thing totally unrelated to finance (thank god) and enjoying life. Wondering what the old times (Ohai,Greenman, Black Swan, DOW,Igor, Rahul Roy :smiley: ) are up to? any major changes?

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Tanks for checking in, amirite6

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I’ve been trying to get into PE and finally got in recently and start soon. Also, caregiving for my elderly parents.

Cheers all

amirite6 is the OG statement


Amirite7 is the new new

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I’m starting a pe shop soon with some usc classmates. We are going to utilize my social media presence, his 10m in capital, and the usc network.

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wow amirite7

Including AF social media?

Sell side research in Boston


Congrats bro

(post deleted by author)

Software Engineer at MAANG. YO ACE, Come down to NYC, and let’s roll. Can’t wait to take your back bro :smiley:

You do bjj?

Yup. Train out of Unity in NYC

Cool maybe when my acl is healed up we can roll (I tore it rolling in July, got it fixed last week and will be back in the game in December/Jan)