What are the roles of Index Fund Analysts?

I am curious about index fund analysts. I mean it is an index fund so the analysts in this group will not be doing any price multiple calculations or analyzing its financial statements. Are they responsible for making sure the firms do belong in the index by calculating their market value or what not? And what is an average or competitive salary for index analysts?

Mostly, it is asset allocation. However, there has been a lot of work in different index methodologies. Weightings by fundamental factors, equal weighting, etc. are compelling alternatives to cap weighting. Also, for smaller ETFs and index funds, there is a lot of value in knowing which is the best biotech (for example) index/fund of the ~15 options there are. The job could also be on the product development or sales side. I work in ETFs and the index guys are really ramping up.

Also some index funds have alpha enhancements leading to style drift and tracking error.

What’s the role? Working the mutual fund family or giving advice on selcting them? (Creating them or selecting?)

thanks for answering my question. So this is probably considered an entry level position compared to say portfolio analyst? Therefore, the pay will be around $40,000?