What are the three most popular jobs are for CFA holders?

These are what OneWire sees as the three most popular jobs: http://resources.onewire.com/career-advice/the-3-most-popular-jobs-for-cfa-holders/

Portfolio manager , Research analyst, and Chief Executive. See why in the article. What do you think?

"For those who would like to earn an MBA in addition to the charter, Forbes noted that some schools, such as Cornell University, offer CFA tracks within their MBA programs. Some of these programs even end with a CFA Level 1 exam. "

Well then, Cornell = Hacksaw

does that mean your MBA is conditional on passing L1?

That’s not a bad idea.

^Then why not just shortcut it? “Pass L1, get MBA from Cornell!”

You don’t do an MBA to learn, you go to network. I can careless if all an MBA program taught you was how to pick up dog $hit as long as the people there were BSDs and companies came over en masse to recruit.

I think that they’re confusing popular with _ common _.

For all we know, the single most popular job for charterholders could be starting pitcher for the New York Yankees. But it’s certainly not the most common.

Can MBA be added to the qualifications field in profiles for AF? Maybe have 2 categories ‘MBA’ & ‘MBA, Hacksaw’

Yes yes, I know, I should post this in the feeback forum

You don’t go to do an MBA to learn the same thing as CFA.


That’s why you only get level 1 out of MBA. If you have an undergrad degree in business, then you’d also almost be prepared to take level 1.