What are these L3 downloads all about?

Preparing to get my studying program all in order. What are the downloads for L3 at http://cfasuccess.com/Web/files/default.aspx all about? Does anybody know anything about them? Are they necessary? Helpful? Thanks, UAECFA

There are past essay AM exams from 2000-2005 with CFAI answers. There are some study notes prepared by previous successful candidates but 2006 I believe.

indike, thanks 1) the past exams seems to be a corrupted file, Am I right? 2) what do JB exams mean? JB? 3) what does the excel file pertain to?

Not too sure about 1 and 2 never accessed those files. The excel file is a model developed by a previous L3 candidate for calculating returns for an individual’s portfolio.