What are this person's chances of passing?

My friend is sitting in June. She has barely read any books… she’s mostly been watching the video cd’s. She told me she will pretty much just take practice tests and read up on parts for questions she gets wrong. I definitely know she’s not studying 2-3 hours everyday. Also in April, she plans on taking off 2-3 weeks of studying CFA so that she may study for the Series 7 exam (she just started a new job which requires it). I’m thinking to myself how in the world is she going to pass? But she seems pretty confident… and she has no finance background… haha what do you guys think?

it’s pretty funny… i was talking to her on the phone and she’s already planning on how she’s going to tackle level 2… like assuming she has l1 in the bag…

Your friend is either a genius or a moron.

I think your friend has greatly underestimated the difficulty of this exam. It happens all the time. Suggest to her that she take a practice exam to see where she is at. That might be the wake up call she needs.

At this point, I’m thinking this will just be her practice round. Oh well, more people failing is good for those of us who are studying hard right? Geez, what kind of friend am i? haha