what are west coast hours?

I heard someone on the last thread say it is from 5am to 5pm? Are there any (CFA related) jobs that go from 5:30 am to 1:30 pm?

Fixed income s&t - 430 - 2pm

skiloa Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Fixed income s&t - 430 - 2pm I’d say thats roughly what our debt S&T guys do out there, although its probably closer to 3PM

i work west coast equity research – it’s awful, don’t do it. bad day: 4:30am (holy sh!t!!) - 7pm good day: 5:00am - 3:30pm average is somewhere in the middle i always think that our institutional sales people have it great because: 1) they work in sales, so they don’t really have to do anything but still get paid a ton. 2) they come in at 5:30 and often leave within an hour of the close. not sure if you consider sales CFA related, but several have their CFAs. fixed income s&t, as noted above, is a pretty sweet job too.

I’m not all that great at sales, but if someone’s good, they really are worth a lot. Of course, one of the things they sell is themselves, so if we’re eskimos and they’re selling ice…

Many retail brokers I know do 5:30-2:30 or there abouts most days.

6-2… officially. On a goo day… 6:25 - 1:15 Actually 6-2 is a bad day. But then again, fast food cooks get paid more than me, so it’s a good tradeoff.

Our Structured Finance Group (located in Southern California) typically works 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Of course those limits are extended in both directions during quarter end. Talk about weird hours…

What exactly do s & t guys do?

What exactly do s & t guys do?

Salespeople cover institutional accounts that buy bonds / equities. Inst accounts include banks, insurance companies, pension funds, money managers, hedge funds, int’l sovereign funds, CDO managers, etc. They usually cover 10-20 accounts, which means interacting with them on at least a weekly basis, if not daily; finding out what they’re looking to buy/sell, etc. Traders will usually deal in 1 product if they’re working at a regional, many products if they’re working at a boutique and a very specified product if they’re working at a BB… e.g. GS trader - Agency 15 year paper Jefferies Trader - Agency passthroughs Stifel Nicolaus Trader - All ABS, CMOs, Passthroughs, Derivs and ARMs. Traders find paper for salespeople with regards to specific customer inquiry and position paper that’s cheap and the customers usually deal in.