What are working hours like for an intern in ER at a BB?

Is it similar to working hours in IB? Or could I expect to leave the office around 8pm? Are interns implicitely encouraged to come during weekends as well? I guess for Q2 in mid July, it will get more intense. I will be interning in London at a BB. I don’t mind working late but I just want to fit in and not to do stupid mistakes.


When I interned my hours were 9am to 4pm but on Friday’s we had summer hours, so we’d get to leave by 2 or 3. We never had any weekend work and if we did we’d be the only ones there. July’s weren’t too intense…I remember a particularly slow week where i took several naps at my desk.

It’s like a tier system. Let’s say the MD is there from 8AM to 6PM. Therefore, the VP people need to be there from 7:45 to 6:15, the associates need to be there from 7:30 t0 6:30, and then the interns and so forth. Just follow these guidelines if your concern is just how to not screw up your internship.

Realistically though, people tell me it’s like 9AM to 7PM, with longer stretches during earnings season or other busy seasons.

Be in before everyone else and leave after everyone else. Even if your doing nothing work related you can always be reading up on industry developments, learning how to model.

In my experience interns are in at 8am and leave by 8pm. Depends on ur boss, culture and line of work though… Are you interning in IT at a BB or is it IB?

Thanks for all the insights. I will definitely use your advice. I will be interning in equity research at a BB so it’s part of their IB block. I really need to convert it, otherwise I will end up with nothing end of summer. But the hours look alright compared to IB.