What are you focusing on memorizing today?

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Names of Beers I can drink again tomorrow night!!! WHoooooot

Formulas too I guess. And going back over mocks today.

Hopefully by now you’ve already got them memorized and aren’t trying to memorize anything new. Today I’m going to review everything and go over the online assessment answers again. Tonight I will read ethics to put myself to sleep.

Nothing - having a complete break today,

Just doing some light review of key formulas and concepts this morning and calling it a day around lunchtime. For me, the cost of losing points by being mentally drained going in to tomorrow outweighs the benefit of picking up an extra point or two with trying to memorize some things today. Ethics (particularly research objectivity standards) will likely be bedtime reading for me too. All the best tomorrow guys!

I’m going to tattoo pension costs into my brain if I have to.

Finally somebody with sense in his mind. Today I’m taking a complete break.

Cramming too much the day before the exam didn’t work for me last year – I felt like I missed a number of points I would have normally bagged. Reminds me of that Homer Simpson quote: “Everytime I learn something new it pushes some old stuff out of my brain”.

Very true.

Just re-read ethics ROS and gonna do some light review of assessments and answers. Not much more to do at this point other than to relax and let it all sink in.

Need to finish 2 more Mock examsssss

I’m memorizing to bring my passport and ticket when I leave the door.

Ethics cases and reviewing ROS. Review note cards. Get everything together for tomorrow.

If I have time (not tired enough to justify laying awake in bed), Ill go thru the sections I noted as ‘needs a quick glance’