What are you going to be doing on Sat after the exam?

Bourbon and then the Korean spa for me

I’ll most likely start re-reading ethics

Eh, might as well keep studying ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Come to this forum and speculate on who’s going to get PCP investigated for discussing exam material.

sleep for 18 hours

when you say Korean spa do you mean a nice spa or a spa with a piece of paper on a red door thay says “SPA”

Am I crazy to say that I’ll be putting all my L3 materials in a big pile in my backyard and then set it to fire while laughing a deep, evil laugh in the background?

almostdoneIII: wait there is a difference?

Or in the case of PwC offices (at least the one in Sri Lanka), do you mean the “Systems and Process Assurance” department?

I’m poppin bottles and going to get super wasted then give my friends my L3 notes and tell them to quiz me

dinner with wifey, alcohol, sleep so i can golf my face off sunday morning