What are you going to do now that you passed level 3?

Congrats to all that passed level 3! I just want to know what you all are planning to do now? How are you celebrating?

I just passed level 3 myself and will be trying to use the charter to break into equity research. Hoping it’ll get my foot in the door for interviews. To celebrate I’m having a nice dinner with my family who have helped and supported me through the recent years and told me not to quit when I got stressed out.

Pinella I am going to do the exact same thing. How old are you? I am in my early 30’s so think it will be a bit harder.

Do you work in the investment field now? I do, but just needed this to give me the final kick on my resume.

Taking any wall street prep or BIWS courses to get your modeling skills up to snuff? I still have a long way to go there.

just started my mba

Take language lessons!