What are you guys going to do with $600 from Uncle Sam?

I think I’ll donate it to the DNC.


Sweet, going to have some tax refund this year as well. I’ll use mine to pay for my upcoming wedding. Or, if I become single, I will apply the amount to CFA Study Materials and credit card debt.

Whoops, double post.

mcthorp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Exactly (JDV). And I heard it could be $800. They > were talking about the problem that many people > may just save the money - how terrible. Although > sticking the money in the bank isn’t a direct > investment in the economy, wouldn’t that increase > the ability of the banking system to increase > their lending capital, and thus, increase the > business activity in the near future? I plan on > paying down some credit card debt - woohoo! I’ve always wondered this myself. Why do they want us to spend it immediatley? Wouldn’t saving it increase the supply of loanable funds, decrease interest rates, and increase GDP through capital investment? I’m guessing the impact on GDP is quicker from consumption.

Bush’s plan is $800 for individuals, $1600 for families for a total $145 billion package.

How are they going to fund all that? I thot the US gov is already spending like there is no tomorrow… And wouldn’t this depreciate the currency even more by handing out free money?

I just read on CNN that if implemented, people will get checks earliest in june.

I won’t qualify to receive–and if half the people on this forum are honest about how they represent their salaries, they won’t quailify either.

I agree with sgrimes. The income level I heard thrown out was $85,000 for singles and $115,000 for married

600 $1 HUD homes. I’m moving up to slum lord status now baby.

My gut feel is that this is BAD since we all know how well the government budget works. Hmmm, I can foresee the next president having their (can’t say his anymore) hands tied raising taxes to dig themselves out of the hole Bush dug. Won’t this simply push inflation higher?

What do you think is the single most irresponsible thing I can buy?

maybe i’ll buy out of the money 2010 homebuilder calls

according to CNN - applies to <75 K income. bah.

im planning on being pretty popular at the strip club

saw this on the daily show last night…its $600 for people making under 75k a year. i bet half this board doesn’t qualify…

HoldSideAnalyst Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > What do you think is the single most irresponsible > thing I can buy? A match to burn the rest of your $599 in $1s.

Couples can get 1200 if they make <150,000 and $300 for each kid they have. I family of two can get $1800. Not bad :slight_smile:

enjoy my money you poor fkers.