what are you reviewing today

I’m reviewing all of the FSA material, just to make sure I understand it like I think I do

It’s going to be about fixed income and portfolio mgmt today. I spent half the day on derivatives yesterday and it literally killed me. I need to take it a bit easier today.

Derivatives…some of these CFA text questions are kicking my a$$.

Treynor Black and some FIxed income throw in some ethics review and a intercorporate investment review got whooooooped (there it is) by mock 1 FSA on intercorporate investmens 1luv

Reviewing Mock 2 today. Got a 65% this AM and and not psyched, but I guess I can live with it. Need to find find at least 5 points between now and Sat. Haven’t done the two additional samples yet. Obviously I took the free one… Anyone have insight on the two samples? Harder than the mocks? Worth the $40 each?

I would take Sample 2 just to see how nasty CFAI can be if they want to. However, get ready for the colour red.

i dont think the samples are worth the 40 1) hard as hell 2) only 30 questions then again, dropping 40 now would be better than failing and dropping another 600

great, i might try sample 2 first. then I’ll decide about sample 1. thx

aladak, the samples are harder than the mocks and not worth the $40, in your opinion?

I’m focusing on Asset Valuation - mainly Equity, a little on Derivs., FSA (except intercorporate), and PM. Between Asset Val and FSA, you probably have 60-70% of the exam right there. Most of the other subjects can be mixed in… I’m doing the three Book 1 Exams and the CFA sample. I’ll look over the 2006 exam. It’s too late for me to freak out here. I’m not looking to kill this thing - just pass. But I’m also resigned to give it another go if I don’t make it.

FSA: intercorporate, Mark to market…FRA…Swaps…Factors affecting Debt ratings…Real Estate (hate it)…FCF… Getting ready for Mock 2 this evening.