What are you suppose to read for FRM level 1

Are you suppose to read all the different books in the FRM exam study guide or the official books FRM, or both?

Hi Invtch,

The Official FRM books have the readings they describe in the study guide within them. So there is no need to source the books themselves. It’s all provided for you within the Garp materials, if you choose to purchase them, that is.

Oh okay, so the official FRM books are simply collection of all the chapters from the books listed in the exam study guide. Then what is the FRM handbook? Is it just a third party condensed version of the official FRM books? Some of the books listed in the study guide I have from uni and others can found online. Does that mean there is no point for me to get the official FRM books?

If you have reference book then you dont need those Handbook. If Handbooks had ample of questions then I would be suggesting Handbook but as per feedbacks on online forums there are negligible number of questions in those Handbooks.

Those reference books will not help you much because the way GARP asks questions they would NOT be putting questions in GARP fashion. So better rely on some renowned course providers reading material like Schweser and Bionic Turtle or Christian Chooper.

I hope this answers your point.

You could simply find the individual chapters/articles online…

The FRM books are mostly a recollection of all these articles/chapters sourced from different books. I wouldn’t be completely sure if EVERYTHING from the curriculum is retrievable online though.

I personally didn’t use the books from GARP, but study material from BT.

You will need to find some way of practicing these concepts if you go that route.


Need to know that the changed material is available by GARP or Schweser. Thanks in advance

The changed material is included in the latest version of GARP books i.e.books for 2016.

Third party providers sometimes takes time to include changed stuff into their material.There are several comments in this forum regarding this.