What are your hardest and easiest subjects for L3?

Currently marching my way through the curriculum and was wondering what everyone thought of for the topics. Obviously fixed income is going to be a challenge for I imagine most of us, what else do you think is going to be challenging and will deserve for study time? In the same vein, what do you think is the most straight forward topics?

Easiest would be FI and derivatives.

Hardest would be economics



Hardest - IPS? GIPS?

For me alone and it might be an exception

HARDEST ( and across all the Levels) : Behavioral Finance. Biases. IPS

I failed miserably the first time and I just could not get my head around them. So much so , I thought of quitting the program and took my two years to muster the courage and take the challenge

EASIEST- Everything else( with some efforts of course)

hardest is currency management and FX trades

Toughest: Beh Fin, Fixed Income & IPS

Easiest: Econ, Equity, Trading & Rebal, Performance Evaluation, GIPS

Sounds . . . um . . . subjective.