What are your most confident and in-confident topics so far?

My most confident ones are quantitative (almost never wrong), Inventory, PBO, investement in associates sections of FRA (scoring 80% up consistently), and corporate finance (fairly above 70%).

Worst topics include: ethics (50%), alternative investment (50%) and economics (less than 50%). and certain parts of equity, and stuff related to structural model and reduced form model (guessing all the time).

How about you guys?

Equity, FRA. Derivatives. corp finance, Alt investments,Quants are my strengths

PM and econ are my weak areas

Ethics , sometimes I do very well, sometimes poor

Fixed income , am improving

Quant is my worst. I can easily get less than 50 for that.

Ethics is the worst, never get above 33% FRA, Equity, Quants and derivatives are my stregnths

My weaknesses are ethics, quant meth, economics, FRA, corporate finance, equity, alt investments, fixed income, derivatives, portfolio management. Apart from that I will be fine, if I’m unsure of anything I’ll pick D as the answer :slight_smile:

I’m about the same.

Weaknesses are FRA, Derivatives, and Quant