What are your plans for AFTER the exam?

Don’t take your eye off the ball yet!

But, what you guys and girls planning to do with your time after the exam?

For me, I plan on:

  • Catching up with friends, since I’ve been in study-mode for the past few months
  • Reading anything non-finance related with my free time
  • Going to learn how to surf this summer
  • Picking up where I left off on my guitar lessons

Vacation - location TBD


Motorcycle License

Read a fiction book

Possibly start a form of MMA

Hanging out in an internet forum.

Trash all my 2011 CFA Level 3 study material.

tie all 18 books and do bicep curls

Workout and Travel are the top priority items. Been gaining pounds like crazy!

begin writting level 4 pitch material for a meeting w/ CFAI.

study for 2013 level III

travel; enjoy the summer

give my hubby and baby more attention and spend some quality time with them.

my child only knows papa. papa this, papa that, mama? who is mama? aahh the lady behind the books

mame is gona be the lady behind the money and papa is gona be the man behind that lady

^ Triangular arbitrage?

getting tantric with my wifey

Work and beefing up on my financial modeling. Also moving, so hangin out with all the friends I’ve neglected because of the CFA and who I will never see again.

Also buying a new amplifier and raging on guitar.

I’m having a CFA bonfire. I’m going to use that shitty scotch from that commercial of the guy passing L3 in New Zealand or some shit as my lighter fluid, who can guess what the lumber will be?

Uninstall Vitalsource Bookshelf from my phone…it takes 30% of its space.

When I finished L3, I mostly sat around dazed and then had a nap.

VIDEO GAMES!! I’ve already taken a few days off after the exam to catch up on games like Journey and Diablo 3!! Plus, the next round of awesome games will come out soon like Assassin’s Creed III and Bioshock Infinite!!! Woohoo!!!

Getting hammered with more regularity.

^ ur my idol, sponser my membership for cfa

Catch up on drinking, smoking and fornicating!!