what are your thoughts on this "updated curriculum"

First things first, unfortunately I failed Level I in December. I do know where I went wrong and will give it another attempt this June. Hopefully it will be more successful. As they say, three times is a charm :slight_smile:

I have an interesting question and see what others thing of this. I went ahead and registered for June 2012 and I was forced by CFA to buy new books for $230. I called them and asked to just register for the exam itself because I was planning on using the old books. I didn’t think much information would have changed. They have told me that I need to be updated on the curriculum and that is why the books are already included along with the exam registration fee. The exam fee was about $520 and books $230. But there was no way to buy just either or, had to buy both. So that’s not a big deal. If I couldn’t register just for the exam, I dont mind having new books and new updated information. So my concern and thoughts are; to write the exam in June 2012 a candidate needs to have new updated curriculum and new updated information.

What I’m trying to get at is, the people who have passed the exam in December 2011 and are now studying for Level II June 2012. It seems to me that their information they learned for the December 2011 exam is completely outdated to continue to study for Level II since new updated information for Level I is already out and we need to study the new information. How can the candidates for Level II continue studying using the old material they have learned.

I know that everything is business and money is what makes the world go round :slight_smile: Seems as we are getting milked for every dollar and every penny and all we really want is to achieve this designation to actually make an extra few bucks on our pay checks.

Any thoughts on this?

first of all, you cannot have any thoughts on it.

you have to follow the rules… which is - the curriculum remains the same for Jun and Dec exams and every new year - you have to take new books.

For identifying what has changed - look at the finquix website - where they do a pretty detailed analysis of what’s changed between the 2011 and the 2012 exams curriculum.

I’ll check it out. Thanks for your input.