What are your weak areas?

I am pretty confident when it comes to calculations etc.

But it seems like theory is weak. I know stuff but I can’t recall things.

Most worried about questions like

  • Identifying/impact/mitigating behavioral biases.
  • Advantages/disadvantages
  • critique/discuss type of questions.

Gonna spend next one and half days in trying to memorize as much as I can.

Any tips?


I’m probably worst at currencies and capital market expectations…

Gonna try and study those for the rest of today and then a final refresh of my notes tomorrow. On sat morning i might try and re-read the asset manager code again for the 2/3rd time!

I suck at behavioral finance. I worked in PWM out of school and I think my real life experience clashes too much with the CFAI theory. It’s hard to separate the two.



Fixed Income (sometimes)

Equity (sometimes)

Urgh, im screwed.

writing using a pen

I find the hardest topics at level 3 are:

-Investment Policy Statement (too subjective)

-hedged and unhedged return

-implementation shortfall

(Can’t think of any others)

gips. swaps currency crap, and bonds.

Pokhim, suggest you go through the entire reading, not just 66.67% of material

thanks! But i meant i will read it for the 2nd or 3rd time. I still feel like i dnt know it though…my brain hurts…