What band will you be?

There is no way I’m passing this test. I’m calling myself a band 5. I’m taking both the morning and afternoon to help bring down the MPS for those that deserve it. Good luck, and may God have mercy on your soul.

band 12

And thank you for your help… it is truly appreciated…

band - Awesome.

Thank you? Although I’m not sure how you can know what it take to be a band 5. Maybe you’re a Band 7? 10? Maybe you’ll pass? I mean what have you been getting on the AM? Forget PM because random probability says that you have a shot at 100% without knowing anything other than how to use an HB pencil and a bubble sheet. Given 100, all you’d need is 36 marks out of 180 in the AM.

Somewhere between bands 8-11. A MPS of 65% would be nice

An MPS of 65% and a pass rate of 75% would be nice…

Then, after we all pass, I hope they make the test impossibly hard.