What books and mocks do you recommend?

For level 2 I find official curriculum necessary but inefficient. CFAI Boston and Schweser live mocks are very good. Is it the same for level 3?

My personal view is that the curriculum should be your starting point, as ultimately the questions they ask will come straight out the CFAI books. I then supplemented reading the curriculum with Kaplan classes to check my understanding of more complex parts of the material. General consensus was that this years L3 exam tested some niche parts that the providers may have only skimmed over so you may have not known anything about these if you had relied on Kaplan, Fitch etc. Big part of L3 is mocks; a lot of people complain about not finishing the AM paper so for me practicing time management and writing for 3hrs is key. I even practised without water on my desk to simulate that on exam day I can’t just sip away as you have to go the cooler etc., costing valuable minutes.

For L3, I’d go with Mark Meldrum videos and the curriculum. Don’t skip the curriculum on L3, there’s way too much important nitty-gritty stuff there that is skipped by the summary versions.

  1. Read official curriculum 2. Make your own notes 3. Do all BBs, EOCs, TTs 4. Update notes as you make mistakes 5. Do 2007-2018 AM mocks 6. Do online CFAI mock 7. Review till the cows come home

used schweser books only for all 3 levels and was great!

That’s a great recommendation. It’s what I did to survive the process, along with subscribing to Schweser. I just didn’t want to leave anything to chance. Even then with all that preparation infrastructure, Level III still gave me fits.

Good luck!!