what can be the best strategy to kill this exam....please suggest according to my scenerio..

hey guys please suggest me a way to PASS this one…i cleared level in December 09 didn’t started till the results came out, i am a full time student started in somewhere in Feb will be finishing my second round around 15 April , but like at this time around my feeling was very good n i was confident too for level 1, but its not the case here is this a normal thing?? i only studied from schweser ( used CFAI text too in level 1), i fell like i have left so many things i didn’t studied from CFAI… my strategy will be 15 april till 15 may i will do QBANK and will finish my thrid pass with all the EOC from 15 may i will be doing PRACTICE EXAMS, mock and my last final pass of the all the course then i willl read secret sauce from 1 june to the d day… and will accommodate schweser videos in between that would not be a problem… will i be ok??? am i going right or not please advice me guys i had to pass this at any cost its a challenge for me…

I think reading the summary pages from the CFAI books will do the trick.

thanks jack … its noted down

YAhmed, Use the search function, there have been many discussions on how to pass L2. jack was joking b/c reading the summary pages will do very little for you. Sounds like your plan is a good one. Use the CFAI text and their questions as much as you can. Q-bank is not a good indicator for the exam but ok. Good luck.

If the guy sitting next to you in the exam hall dies, you get 70% in all subjects. Thats what I was told, and is my main passing strategy. The other day I got a pen of ebay. It stores a poison darts that is activiated via click…click…click sequence I really hope this plan works.

I tried the same thing last year… Guy next to me didn’t show up…had to shoot myself with poison dart…pointed pen in wrong direction; killed the proctor…no one in my section passed! Have to take the test again! this sucks!

Just completed my first go around and will start reviewing next week via qbank and eoc questions. The problem is that I forgot everything that Ive read for the past several months. I’m hoping that doing the test questions will help me to absorb the material better because I feel like a dumb-a$$ right now.

i distinctly remeber several questions on the L1 exam that could be answered directly from the summary pages at the end of the chapters. read through them, and you should say, “ok, i know everything that this is talking about.” if you can say that, move on, if not, review.