What can I do: I keep forgetting the previous contents?

Hi guys, Am I too old or what…btw, I’m turning 35…I just keep forgetting previous contents very quickly…have to keep looking back to refresh otherwise in 2 or 3 days I would not even be able to remember what variance, standard deviation or coefficient of variation means. When I read/study I feel like I can follow what the textbook says logically but they seem so hard to master…I can do the sample questions when I’ve just covered that session but on the next day, if I start first with the question, I become clueless and have to read the text again before I remember. Do you guys encounter the same problem? How do you tackle? Any tips would be much appreciated. Thank you. catinsun

just stick on this forum until d-day and practice as many problems as possible. I’ve been actively around in the last 2 weeks and learned more than in 2 months studying. rehearse repeatedly and you’ll do fine.

I am so with you on this, catinsun!! There are so many minute details to remember that remembering all of them would be next to impossible (unless you are a joey or ckp) and age is not really an issue (me - 25), still I keep forgetting most of the things. L1 is very famous for it’s voluminous nature. As someone has correclty said “L1 is a mile wide and an inch deep and L2 is a mile deep and an inch wide.” Hope all goes fine… I am a lot worried!! - Dinesh S

I have to admit that there is nothing more depressing than learning new material, feeling good about yourself…then a week or two later reviewing some questions and getting them all wrong. I’m re-learning swaps this morning, yet spent two weeks on this LOS back in May…

It’s next to impossible to remember all the minute details in the Level 1 curriculum. Resources that have helped me somewhat are: 1) Schweser Secret Sauce (I’m using the 2005 version but what the heck…majority of the technicalities are the same). 2) The 20pg Formula Sheet. 3) Schweser Quick Sheet

Danish, Wierd, I heard that same comparison when comparing a CFA to an MBA…

Catinsun…I hear you…Iam re-reading swaps and Alt investment for the nth time this week. Thing that is helping me now is the secret sauce, you can skim through the entire book in a couple of hours. I intend to do that every 2 or 3 days untill the d-day. Hopefully that will keep things fresh in my mind.

the secret is… Brahmi & Gingko Biloba natural herbs that improve memory =)

for real? where can I get it?