What career should one switch to if one blows up?

Imagine a hypothetical man. Any resemblance to myself is by pure coincidence. This person has an undergraduate degree in finance, a CFA charter, 5 years of experience in finance, and an MBA with a concentration in economics and strategic management from a brand name program. He is entering fundamental equity research for investment management as an analyst. Let’s say this person does ok or good for 5 years but then inexplicably blows up and gets canned. Or, let’s say that he does ok to below average and then gets canned. Afterwards, this person no longer wants to be in fundamental equity research for investment management. What career should this person pursue afterwards? Let’s say the net worth of this person is only $350,000 in today’s dollars after getting canned. What would you do in this situation? What do you think of these career options: recruiter for equity research, back office in IM, sell side equity research, go back to school in order to switch careers.

So I guess what your saying is this guy is no good at equity research? I would move to a corporate finance position, citing I wanted to get more involved with actually running the business than just analyzing it…

I would post on AF using an hypothetical man as a disguise or cover for my own situation. Then change my screen name if it does not work.

recruiter for equity research - recruitment would not be my first choice back office in IM - maybe, it depends on what exactly you were doing. Could be boring. sell side equity research - seems a step backward to me plus our mythical man doesn’t seem to be too good at research go back to school in order to switch careers - time, cost and starting a new career at the bottom all figure here but hey what would I know, I haven’t worked in any of the above positions

People get canned all the time. How do you know your performance has been “ok to below average” and not for other reasons such as internal politics or mere chance? - find a stop gap position, could be the back office job or any of the other ones mentioned here. Could also involve risk or accountancy or quant or any other job you could more or less easily sidle into. - meanwhile figure out what to do in two years time. - network, network, network… (in other field). - if “blows up” involves some /even someone else’s/ criminal offence you will have a difficult time e.g. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/no-winners-in-the-fall-of-the-house-of-baring-675219.html

suicide bomber - al qaeda is hiring (though you will have to deal with predator drones just like in any office space)

Suicide bombing is for pussies. Be a real man and join the French Foreign Legion - they even make you assume a declared identity on joining up - that way nobody will every know that you where Mr Markbot Hiding. Thus if “blows up” does include a transgression of a law that would see you likely to serve time in a US prison you will not be able to spend your holidays outside France until the statue of limitations has passed. Oh yeah you don’t even have to know a word of French - they teach you that between push ups in boot camp. http://www.legion-recrute.com/en/faq.php

350k is plenty enough. Buy a nice pad in a developing country, go surfing all day and bang exotic chicks.

Muddahudda Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 350k is plenty enough. Buy a nice pad in a > developing country, go surfing all day and bang > exotic chicks. If this is feasible for you (no family obligations) I concur.

Indeed, you can pick a up a nice little place like this http://www.property.co.zw/search_results.cfm?searchType=new&innerBrowse=1&categoryid=38&subcategoryid=713 and your daily living expenses wouldn’t get to much above $1 or $2 per day