what core concepts have you found that are missing from the online CFAI tests?

my plan is to got through all the online practice tests 2-3 times in the next few days

can anyone identify major core concepts that are skipped? I know the FI section is lacking but it seems FRA is also weak on “multinational operations”…

Yes. 1. Multinational operations are almost skipped. I have to practice with Finquiz Qbank and mocks. Finquiz has very good questions on this topic. I guess they might mix Inventory with this reading (i.e throw some ratios and ask us which goes up, which is highest/lowest…etc…under different tranlations method). Gosh, I hate this rule based … 2. There is also one set on pension stuffs. I hoped they would put more. 3. Integration of financial statement analysis techniques. There is one set, if I remember correctly but they skipped some other important sections of the reading (i.e. cf accrual ratios , cf base-aggregate accruals…) . I doubt that they will incorporate questions about financial lease, operating lease with the reading. 4. Corporate finance: merge and acquisition calculations. 5. PM: the 2 last readings (IR, IC, V*…)

Bond with option valuation, Asset backed securitities, Competitive forces, FFO/AFFO, multinational operations, Derivatives, Corporate ethics.

I thought those were poorly covered.

I think the blue boxes in fixed income are the best bet to test how well you’re doing. I think those are the kinds of questions to expect. Reading 42 and 44 are key

^^yeah, id bet there will be a question on the callable/puttable price using binomial tree

Yeah there could be that, they could make the coupon floored or capped. There’s all the conversion material. Reading 42 has some tricky material too. If they do give us 3 item sets on fixed income there’s no shortage of questions to ask. I am putting in the most time on fixed income and FRA the last couple days

Of course the mock exams wouldn’t have all the questions, otherwise what would they test. They probably missed a bit of the topics but I think the mocks still covered quite a bit of the theory.

Multinational Ops probably in real exam…haha!