what crazy purchase would you make

mb you should get a sense of humor

^ That’s the crazy purchase I would make!

Blake had >$40k worth of bikes? Some guys I know live in Robin Williams’ neighborhood. Apparently, his garage is just full of bikes. Like $150k worth of bikes or something crazy like that. Anyway, the issue right now is that I don’t think I am good enough of a cyclist to justify buying a high end bike. My current bike is just mid range. When I get better, I think I will get a dedicated bike for racing in triathlons and use my current bike for training.

Sponsor SpaceX enterprise to build a ship that flys at near light speed to reduce the impact of time, also put myself in cryo capsule.

See ya in 200 years

I’d buy the maximum allowable block of tickets to every Super Bowl, go by myself in my Steelers jersey even though they won’t be playing in the game and just watch in the middle of the empty seats. Occasionally I’d hold up a sign that read “because I can”.

Why not have it now? It’s great experience and the difference in riding makes worth every buck

You should always bite more than you can chew.

I would buy the Kremlin and make it my residence.

^ Respect mate.

Exactly what I would do too…

Blake isn’t married if I recall. So when he said “our” I took that as meaning his employer’s garage.

Nice one. love it.

I’d do the same with the Qatar World Cup Final

I also have some modest political goals.

I’d “influence” local city / town officials to “eminent-domain” the houses of all the Supreme Court judges.

I’d “influence” congressmen and women to stop automatic paycheck withholding of taxes. Let us all write checks to the Federal and the local governments at the end of the year. It is the same amount of money, right?

Oh, and sponsor Palin-Bachman for the 2016 GOP ticket. A naked jello fight will decide who between them should run for President and who for VP.

You want to see Bachman naked? I don’t know about that. Palin, okay, if that’s what you’re into. But Bachman?

i’d buy a mansion at the beach!

But i’d also buy a really crappy cheap flat close to the club area to take girls home after partying, so i know they bang/date me for me and not for my money D:

Try again…