what crazy purchase would you make

If you were ridiculously rich, what would you buy that would make people go " wtf "

a million lottery tickets

Would seriously consider buying $5000-$10000 bicycle.

Would own a large area of land and breed small bears together till I had mini-bear dogs that I could sell for boinkers of money.


I would buy a former company I used to work at and then fire my former a hole boss in the most degrading way possible.

I’d make sure TMZ was on site to document said event making me look like an all powerful almight BSD Bawss.

A newpaper publisher.

I would employ hundreds of thousands of people in the creation of the tallest structure the planet has ever seen: my future tombstone. Other than that, I’d live like a normal person.

best idea by 10 miles so far!!

I’d probably buy Canada and remove it’s status as a country.

India, you’re next.

Do doubt a fun idea, but no one would say WTF?

The services of Sofia Vergara for 1 week.

if i am fulthy rich, i would…

  1. build a cancer research lab - because there are always conspiracy on how the treatment of cancer already exist but pharmaceutical companies want to hide the fact and make more money by having people on long-term meds.

  2. build the biggest, most extravagant mension of this period filled with arts and built by most famous architects of our time, most likely in a rural area of Japan - i think it will become an attraction and generate revenues for decades after i die, much like versailles, or all those famous churches in the world…

  3. build new pyramids, in the poorest regions on earth, and build it with as many puzzles and unusal tunnels as possible. so people in the future and “solve the mystery” while creating jobs for the poor for decades to come (may even become an attraction and benefit them once it’s complete).

  4. buy a city and make it mandatory for all citizens and tourists to wear uniforms designed by me.

  5. drive only japanese cars

  6. build nitendo amusement parks around the world (mario kart land is a must)

  7. put hello kitty on the national flag of japan

I think at the high point there were 8 in our garage. Now I think there are just 5.

Take that Ohai…Your life dream is in Blakes garage


I would buy a cruiseship (obviously not a Costa one!) Keep all the employees on-board, except the only passengers will be my family and a few - as they used to say in Hollywood in the 60s - “nieces”.

i would buy the CFAI and:

  • set the passing rate for all levels at 1%
  • make the exams 8 hours
  • charge 1k to register
  • make the exams focus on stuff schweser missed
  • would make TRH the CEO
  • Nanas photo will be on the cover of every book

Go on a trip to the moon, and place a stone bust of myself there, saying “He came in pece, just because someone on AF dared him.”

Then I’d draw a big heart in the moon dust with my initials and whoever my girl is at the time. It will last for millennia.

Good to see the insecure charterholders and candidates show up from time to time. You should focus on improving your work experience because no one in finance hires people because they passed 3 exams, no matter how hard they are.

read the title of the thread…

p.s. i prob have more work experience than you

If you do, you shouldn’t be threatened by those trying to pass 3 overrated exams.