What day do you think results come out?

What day do you think results come out for September 2011 Level 2 exam. 6 weeks from the final exam date would put it all the way in November 2011. Does anyone want to take guesses? Or have more definitive information. I remember that free info session back in August held by CAIA suggested that October 24-28 week. Good luck everyone!

24-28 is my guess

I have exact information for my L2 experience last fall: I took the test on 9/29/2010 (one of the last days, I think) and got my pass/fail (pass!) results on 10/31. My specific score ranges came out on 11/8.

ATH what is your take on the CAIA exam vs. level 3 CFA. What is the key difference in answering questions for the essay portion? What about difficulty in the multiple choice??

I think the same logic applies to the essays in terms of thinking of them as constructed responses and not essays. Responding to the CAIA questions was a bit easier for me since 1) there was only one place to enter your response (no template vs. lined paper) and 2) typing your response ensures you don’t have to circle things, cross things out, draw arrows, etc. and 3) I type faster than I write. The questions themselves were not necessarily difficult but did delve much more into the arcane threads of knowledge.