What did I learn?

Reflecting back on L1 and L2, for some reason I cannot think of anything I have learned and remember. Not that curriculum was not great, it was. I just do not remember anything. Basically, it is all a blur. I remember the insane pressure, going through 3000 questions, but that is it. I guess CFA is such a traumatic experience your mind just chooses to forget. I just hope the knowledge comes back, becuase I did not take these exams just to have 3 letters next to my name.

Chief, I came out with same feeling after passing L3. Think what you wish for.

For me, who was coming from another industry, I definitely learned a lot. I have forgotten a bunch of the details, but I know so much more about the broad issues in valuation and asset management than I did when I started. And if I need to review the details, I feel that they’re in my grasp. I am not sure I learned all that much about how to make good investment decisions, but I do think I learned a lot about avoiding incredibly bad ones.

I just passed L3 and I’m waiting to get my charter this month or next. I definitely learned a lot, but I’m also left with a kind of hollow feeling…something along the lines of…“it wasn’t really worth it”. Passing did not thrill me like I thought it would. I just felt more relieved that the whole stupid process was over with. Now that I’m done with all that work, I’m not convinced that anyone really gives a sh*t about the CFA. I’m going to go get my top 10 MBA…what I should have done all along.

DirtyZ Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Now that I’m done with all that work, I’m > not convinced that anyone really gives a sh*t > about the CFA. I’m going to go get my top 10 > MBA…what I should have done all along. Isn’t it always like that? You are not convinced that anyone gives a shit about the CFA because over the years of studying you got surrounded by people like yourself who care way less that a typical LI candidate. I bet you’ll have the same experience with MBA. Once graduated, you’ll find that people you work with are all top-10 MBA and don’t give a shit about it. The important part is getting to the point where you don’t give a damn.

good post, also!

also: I agree with you. Once you’re in the club, it’s not all that impressive and no one really gives a damn. It’s taken for granted. I guess this could be a sign of success in a way (i.e. if you go to a top school or earn the CFA and they don’t rank that high on your personal importance list). Having said that, I still wish I got more satisfaction out of the CFA. The trade-off just doesn’t seem worth it at this point…but maybe that will change if it can open a door somewhere along the way that would be closed to others. Only time will tell.

Without looking at the books, $10 for anybody who can name SAMURAI, MRBSCFA, MSVIP

hahaha…SAMURAI! I remember that one, but haven’t seen the other two.

^no $10 for you!!

ws Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ^no $10 for you!! Come back, one year!

^LOL, soup nazi.

Well, passing two levels I feel like I still don’t know that much, but I know where to look. That’s more than what most people can say… I don’t know how I feel about the CFA thing as a whole. I mean, I think I really want it so that no one can say I’m not smart enough for any particular job. I think you can fluke L1, but none of the others. At least not Level 2…

MSVIP - MBS risks Model Risd Spread Risk Volatility Risk Interest Rate Risk Prepayment Risk SAMURAI - Good Benchmarks Specified in Advance Appropriate Measurable Unambiguous Reflective of current investments Accountable Investable Unfortunately I think I’ll be carrying those two to my grave. No $10 for me though as I’ve never heard of the last one (MRBSCFA).

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