What did I Miss

I forced my self to go on a trek on Friday, made sure that I had no Internet Access, purposefully did not access my mails etc and now I log back and see a mayhem on AF, everyone is writing about it in bits, can anyone tell me what had happened equity_research_nds

this is about the L3 registration link in the account management area of the CFAI web site. some people have found that this link has disappeared starting several days ago. the speculation is that CFAI is removing this link for those who has passed. We have gone through similar things last year at L2, but it was like several hours before the result. In order to confirm whether this is indeed something significant, you can see some threads have been added to take poll on the percentage of people who has the link removed. it turns out the percentage is like 60-70%. so the hope remains that this is indeed a leading indicator. of course, this stirs up some emotion for those who still have the L3 registration link. since last night, however, the entire section for L3 registration or result viewing has been removed for everybody. so even if you log in now, you won’t be able to find whether you still have the L3 registration link.

twdavid, Thanks for the clear feedback. Only checked what links I have now and was wondering what everyone was on about cos I didn’t have either of the two links…

hey crazy, wassup … sorry to hear about the cancelled trip… u must be disappointed aint u?

This results thing is dominating my life at this point so honestly not that disappointed. I just want to know where I stand and life can continue after that. Equity, I don’t feel bad for missed opportunities cos great deals come along all the time. If you feel bad for a missed opportunity then your eyes are closed to new opportunities!