What did you get on the first CFAI mock?

dropped a 60, but finished quickly and didn’t dwell on crap questions.

There is another thread on this somewhere.

can you please tell me when these people will allow access to the second mock, i bought two and still dont have access since this morning, ridiculous, but the first mock went mid 70s for me

Viktorv, you should do the same way again, the second mock exam will appear (dropdown/buy 2 question (100)/click the link…)

I got 80%. The exam was easy but did have some tricky question. 100% in Economics but failed in Quants and FSA (4/6) in each.

this is the actual mock test? 10 vignettes?

no the free one. 5 Vignettes

good score, boston. from what i’ve seen here, people have been getting tripped up badly by the fsa, including me… 4 out of 6 will work… i’m curious to see what these 10 vignette mocks look like.

I will take it may be in the last week. It is expensive 100$ for that but have to bite it. Operational and exposure killed me. I dont see that thing in John Harris’ notes. I will have to do that from Schweser/CFAI.

definitely will do the mocks… it was either that or the bsas (cheaper than the bsas!), but i think the money would be better spent on stuff straight from the source. the san fran cfa society’s mock i bought was mediocre at best. and you are right about that stuff not beng in harris’s notes… will have to review as well.