What did you get? vs. What did you expect?

My hypothesis is: For the average candidate the difference between expected and final result is in the band of +/-3%, or -3%< expected result – final result < 3% What do you think?

I thought I’d be >70 in FSA and ended up in 51 - 70, but other than that spot on.

Sounds about right to me. Also, my mock exam results were pretty similar to the final results (I took them the Wednesday before).

i was almost around the same in mock exam, but i expected atleast above 70 in equity & FSA, but all my score was in 51-70 except for Ethics where i shooted above 70

It’s hard to say b/c I got above 70 in all but 2 categories in which I got between 50-70. I was scoring high 70’s avg on the mocks but some sections would much lower and some much higher. With the ranges they give I coul’ve gotten in the 90’s or 72% overall. That said, I left the exam feeling super confident which slowly waned over the last 2 months.