What did you think about the exam?

Personally, I thought it was very fair. Very few guesses, only one WTF. Walked out feeling very confident.


1 hour to spare in the morn, 30 in the afternoon - morning easier. i feel slightly suspicious

Feel the same as you all. Definitely suspicious… Like I could have been oversimplfying things.

somebody please confirm they found this tough or challenging, otherwise the bar’s just been raised…

I felt very suspicious about the morning session, barely had to guess and everything seemed clear. The afternoon session was absolutely brutal very me. Definitely harder than the AM session

I came out of the morning session extremely confident. Thought I had this in the bag. Probably guessed about 5-10 max?

Then walking into the afternoon, man oh man, I think I guessed about 30 questions out of the 120. Ouch.

Hopefully still good enough for a pass.

I too am expecting a pass. Morning was easy peasy, but the afternoon was harder. Feeling very suspicious.

I think I guessed on about 50 questions in the afternoon… thought morning was cake, honestly felt like I failed after the afternoon but I could be overreacting. Whatever, can’t do anything about it now.

Scary experience for me actually, I borrowed my buddy’s calculator for a spare one cause I didn’t have the batteries nor did I want to bring a mini screwdriver. Checked the cover and there were the calculator instructions which are permitted. When going through calculator check, they turn the instructions over and there is a sticky note with a bunch of corporate finance formulas. This was my friend’s calculator who was a corporate finance and accounting major. Immediately was about to cry but they were nice enough to rip it off the calculator and let me go without any reports.

Talk about a pre-exam scare.

That’s exactly how I was, I felt really god and got excited only to get bent over in the afternoon

Morning was definitely easier… I finished in 1h45m… Afternoon session took 2h15m.

I feel the exam was easier than the schweser mocks… Hopefully I didn’t make too many stupid mistakes, but all in all I’m pretty confident I did well enough.

reverse for me…morning was brutally difficult, almost no math whatsoever, purely conceptual questions. guessed on a huge percentage of them. afternoon i felt was very easy, but i was so shaken from the morning that i think i didnt do as well as i should have.

maybe the sections are given in different orders for every test center?

i found the PM easier. i finished very early for both and had time to go through the whole thing again. it was a good test though there were a few times i looked at the proctor like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qugjCVMznkw

just gonna take her easy these next few weeks, gonna be back at the testing center jun 6 2015 one way or the other

also found the morning easier. honestly, i felt both to be easier than the mocks. the morning i don’t think i guessed for any. I left 3 questions that were taking me longer than i wanted, but came back to them and figured them out. the afternoon however, there were 2 questions I had to guess and didn’t figure them out, ran out of time, otherwise i’m sure i would have.

but yeah feel very good about everything, and i’ll be shocked if i don’t pass. i’ll probably start on some of the level 2 material (buddy) after the christmas holidays.

well for me the morning section was definitely easier.

I wonder when it would be a good time to start studying for level 2. I am not sure if i passed becuase i guessed so many questions.

I answered about 160questions with certainty, about 10questions random guesses. Other 70 questions i was able to elminate one choice with confidence but was sort of confused between the 2 choices. Hopefully the MPS is going to be too high.

I read from one post that for the past exams the CFAI never failed a candidate with the total higher than 70% . So would it be safe to think that higher than 168/240 would give me a pass?

More of the same here. Felt great after the morning. Afternoon made me seriously question whether or not I’m going to pass.

Just have to hope that the MPS is reasonable and that the areas of strength pull me through.

I felt that the papers were manageable. (Not sure if they have the same set for both the Far East and Western side of the world?)

Many questions were a little ( deceptively?) straight forward compared to the mock exams. Was wondering if i missed anything? Hope i wasn’t too careless.

Morning was way easier for me, maybe guessed about 5 in total and those were educated guesses, so I think i did pretty well.

Afternoon was another story all together, I didnt eat anything at lunch and I had a migriane during the session which drained all my focus.

All in all, I think i did badly in the afternoon session, but I am hoping that I at least answered 80 correctly.

Lets see. Not so hopeful :frowning:

why whould you be worried if you only guessed 5 questions in the morning and 40 in the afternoon?

If you answered all the other questions correct, you are guaranted pass. You would still get about 190questions correct which i guess is never going to be a failing score.

Oh btw, wasn’t ethics really difficult? especially in the afternoon section?

I felt the exam was fair, and similar in style/difficulty to the mocks/schweser material. With that said, I’m still expecting to fail.

55% of the questions were easy.

1-2% were like “okay this is new”

The other 43% was “I’ve seen this before in my studies 5x, but I don’t know how to do it, so I’m just going to make a guess instead of burning the clock

I don’t know if the PM section was easier or if I just managed the clock better.