what do i do now?

so iv’e just got an undergrad degree in engineering and i don’t want to stay in it.aspects of finance interest me-the psychometric,personality tests seem to suggest it would be a decent enough fit.

the best way to do that seems to be an mba with a specialization in finance + the internships?if that’s the case there are about 15-20 good mba schools here but they are fucking ridiculously competetive.i dont stand a chance.

my best bet would be american or canadian b-schools.now since i have no background in finance

1)would the cfa be helpful in terms of knowledge or would i be better of picking up stand alone books and learning at my own pace?

2)iv’e heard that the undergrad gpa for american schools is just a barometer to see if they can finish the program.if so would clearing the cfa exams make up for a rubbish gpa?

3)most canadian mba’s are 1 year degrees.how do they cover the same content?

Stay in engineering…

no chance

My blunt opinions, not for faint hearted. Read only if above 18.

Indian B-schools are too tough to get into (I am taking about the IIMs and ISB), even getting into NMIMS, SPJ, SYMBI, IMT, FMS is tough and needs top notch game.

  1. CFA = waste of time.

  2. CFA = waste of time.

  3. Canada MBA (other than Rotman) = waste of time.

Your only way to switch careers is to get into Top-20 B-school (US or Europe) with Finance specialization.

This is a CFA forum and people will tell you only good things about it. I tell facts and reality, Amen!

You want to change careers because an online personality test said you would be a good fit?

You may as well used a magic eight ball

yup i thought i might be good for symbi or fms.i would have stayed here then but that’s become freakishly hard too.

2)best way to make up for a shit gpa?

3)queens seems to be decent too.

the mba seems to be a degree with options at the end of it-consulting,finance or a normal corporate job at entry management level.

finance is first choice and i’d like to do as much as i can to get in so again cfa for knowledge sake or stand alone books?

also,i landed a trading job that trades oil and natural gas.iv’e heard trading pidgeonholes you and if it’s going to harm the b school application i woudn’t consider it

Do a phd in economics,do cfa on the side, ride out the bad situation in the industry,3-4 years later maybe the world looks different

no you clown i want to change because i don’t think ill be able to handle a long career in engineering.

there are aspects of finance which interest me and those tests confirmed it would be a decent fit

wait…you have a job in trading…and you want to break into finance? sounds like you are in the middle of it already.

lol done…how’d you get your foot in the door if you have?

You need several years work experience first to get an MBA.

I got mine in Europe in a full time international program. I would look over there. It’s cheaper. Problem is, not too helpful right now and in the US it’s less recognized.

I would take the ‘trading job’… you’ll fcking love it. I did it for several years then burned out. But true, ‘trading’ does pigeonhole you. That’s why I did MBA, and now doing CFA. Out of trading, and into ‘strategy’ but still pigeonholed in financial services.

Easiest way is to start in IT. From there it’s pretty easy to move into buy side.

lol…i have two broken legs

…pigeonholed in financial services? that hole is big enough to house an elephant…what is it that you want to do??

read the remaining part.

the financial market is still developing here and most people are being recruited from different disciplines at senior levels.the only options available for recent graduates is goldman sach’s program like this one


jp morgan etc also have a couple but it looks like some sort of shit back office processing.

the trading one is legit but since the market is still developing the exit opportunites won’t be so fluid.if it pidgeonholes there isn’t any point

how about a masters degree in finance?

I dunno, maybe become a professional boxer or something like that.

thought of it.the mba seems far superior though.if mba costs keep going up then maybe yeah…

i think black swan did it?how’d it go for him?

lockheed=the mickey rourke of finance ?

It’s not going to be easy, you’re leaving a much bigger field which has good demand for employees (engineering), for a much smaller one with fewer demand for “real” (read non-support) employees, in a really competitive market (India). Don’t know what to tell you at all.

Personally, I think if you’re just interested in investing, you should pursue that anyways without going directly into finance.