What do I need to bring to the exam room?

Two HB pencils One eraser One driver license One Exam Ticket One HP12C What else?

brains lawl seriously, you need to look at a similar thread thats soooo very looong by now EDIT - here it is pal - http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?11,633607

Your balls and your word. And don’t break 'em for no-one.

If you only bring two pencils, bring a small sharpener too. I brought a bunch of pencils to be safe. Eith way, avoid the risk that if you press down too hard you might break off the points.

I think I am going to bring a lunch box in my backpack (but obviously not into the exam room). I heard that the lines at nearby restaurants can be long, so I guess it might make more sense to bring my own lunch.