What do people do with their old notes?

Just curious. I was cleaning out my apartment yesterday and contemplating throwing everything out, but decided to keep it for now. I have a storage box for each level and my Level 1 and 2 notes/books are doing a good job collecting dust. What do others do? Maybe I can donate the books to my local library?

For Level 3, I also have electronically all the tests dating back to 2000, several mock exams, and all the CFASF class notes/power points. Am I allowed to share these, or is that a copyright violation? I heard somewhere that you can share copyrighted materials as long as it’s for education, and not for profit, but that may be wrong?

I threw all that crap out. The only thing I kept was the L3 curriculum, which serves as a grim reminder of the entire experience.

I burned all my notes in a raging fire at the cottage, but I’m keeping all the CFAi text books for future reference though.

I still have them. I have flipped through them to remind me of all the work I put in and to scrape a little satisfaction of the fact I don’t have to do it anymore. The L2 and L3 books I will keep for a while. The notes may have to go eventually, but for now I am keeping them.

Schweser notes are recycled. CFAI textbooks are part of my “library” in the office. They are unused, so they seemed too new to throw away…

The day I got my “pass” email I recycled all of my handwritten/printed notes and put my Schweser materials on Ebay. I keep the CFAI books on the shelf in my office. Yesterday I found the folder with some of my typed notes on my work computer and took great pleasure in dragging that folder into the recycling bin.

How much do you get for the Schweser materials from Ebay (typically speaking)? I was thinking of doing the same…

Of course I save them…I spent maybe 100 hours for creating them.

If I were really nasty, I would consider sharing Schweser materials for free in the net, just because they refused to send me the mug :wink:

Not much considering what they cost new, but I think I got $100+ for my L3 Schweser books (just the study guides and practice exams). I might have done a little better if I’d waited until people really started studying but I just wanted them out of my house and out of my life ASAP.

I moved to Singapore after passing so wasn’t lugging any of that stuff with. I still have the mental scars to last forever…