What do people mean when they say "delta" on the job?

I know they’re not referring to the delta in the options sense, since we don’t deal with options. I feel this is a very basic term, and I’m probably past the time when I can ask a colleague about this lol

I’ve also heard the term used in real estate - any difference in meaning between regular finance, real estate, and options?

I’ve always understood it to be mean, “the difference between”

“Change”, perhaps?

Please give us an example in context.

If you have access to Google in your country, click the link below - instruction on how to use Google search, a very useful search engine.


lol yep its the difference between two things. i feel like people who say it just want to sound smart. i always cant help but roll my eyes.

“wahts the delta on the stock’s price?”

you can literally say change and itd be the same thing. fukin try hards.