What do u think my chances are?

Hey I failed Level 2 last year, Band 8 and was an active user of this forum. This year i’ve decided to go under a different name (more inspiring, well, at least for me) :slight_smile: Suffice to say, I have just completed a thorough 1st reading of the curriculum,and most End of Chapter questions. Last year I used Schweser exclusively and well that didnt work out great. So this yr I used CFAI texts and Schweser concurrently. Anyways, I have 26.5 days left, and also wont have to go in to work till the exam. Is this enough time to review ALL material 2x and maybe equity,fsa and ethics 3x and do all prac/mock/schweser exams? just wanna see how I’m comparing to you more studious types. I wish everyone the best of luck in studying. Ciao.

Yeah I think you should be fine, plenty of time. Any other pointers for 1st timers other than don’t use Schweser/Stalla exclusively? Thanks

hmmm… Off the top of my head-here’s what I remember about last yr. (or Black '09 as i prefer to call it) -Every single section in each topic is fair game…even the effing minutae about the minutae. Dont “spot” -Be prepared to get violated by Ethics. I got over 70 in L1 ethics…and L2 Ethics i got under 50. So be prepared. -STICK TO 18 MINS PER ITEM SET. The exam is gruelling and you do not want to leave 3 answers blank like I stupidly did. -This may sound stupid, but Get enough sleep the night before. that means at least 8hrs. I knew alot of the material, but i think a big part of me failing was being absolutely exhausted (mentally) from the start of the afternoon session. I know this is stuff you’ve prob heard before, but in the heat of the moment this is what counted for me at least. I havent really spoken about the material since everything is really fair game.