What do you do when your boss(es) criticize you or point out your flaws?

What do you do when your boss(es) criticize you or point out your flaws? a) Respond back or give an explanation, even if they perceive it as an excuse. b) Just say “ok, thanks” or something of the kind. Why?

I try to be appreciative even if it’s shetty advice. I think being able to take criticism without being defensive or making excuses is the type of character trait many employers are looking for. If you become combative or blow it off it’ll be noted. On a different topic what’s with the questions around here where the TS does not state how they would act or in this case react? Why ask a question like this if you do not provide your own experiences for others to critique. Ultimately is that not the most beneficial means to solve a problem? Am I off base on this and it was purely hypothetical?

I was just trying to relate it to a more universal case so that other people can relate. Though if you’re interested in knowing my case, here goes. I work in a different city from my team. My team apparently thinks that I have “bad attitude” as I am usually aggressive with them (it sucks, I know) because they don’t know me at all, although we’ve met several times. I feel like everything that I say/do will turn against me if I don’t defend myself, and that these people will step all over me making me look stupid and inefficient. People who know me face-to-face know I’m very capable and have a good temper, but I just can’t seem to know how to work this out as I don’t physically work with my team. I wanted to know how other people choose to deal with this problem and why.