What do you expect from completing a CFA programme?

Employers no longer pay a premium for having a CFA designation.

What objectives are you fulfillling by studying CFA?

From what source do you know that they don’t pay a premium? Personal experience? Anecdotal? Was a study done?

Could you name anyone who does? If you are looking to set up your own practice - that’s your own business, and a different game.

So, you study because you do expect to receive a market premium, don’t you?

where I work :

1.5k raise for L1 1k bonus

2k raise for L2 1.5k bonus

2.5k raise for L3 2k bonus + 3k bonus at obtention of the title.

oh and all fees are paid + 7 days of paid study time per level on first attempt at each level.

the doormat sized certificate and a pat on the head.

Could you specify currency, frequency of these payments (per week, year?) and the industry/nature of work that you do?

currency USD

Frequency? I get paid twice per month. so a raise is a raise. my bonus is one lump-sum when I show them my pass e-mail.

so lets say you make 80 000$, your new salary is 82 500 the day after you got your exam result and you get a lump sum of 2k.

I work in a consulting firm, I do strategic asset allocation / LDI investment / de-risking strategies for instituional client varying between 20millions to 2 billions of assets.

Interesting: you make an assertion, but it’s the obligation of the dissenters to prove you wrong.

Any way to monetize this?

btw, even without a raise I would do it. Its the exact same reason why I did a Master in Finance so I get the exact job I wanted. Salary wise it was probably not much, but the fact that I got the job I wanted and now I have experience in the field I am interested in, My present value of future salary just go up significantly. I expect the same thing with the CFA, give me the small push that makes all the difference, even if you dont realize it

The big ole piece of paper for my office wall and a pat on the back. It was more of a personal challenge and a way to attract larger private wealth clients.

Obviously no measurable financial gain as I own my own private wealth management and HNW financial planning business - there will surely be gains because of it but they are hard to measure. In fact, I will be one of the only client-facing CFA charterholders in my geographical area. The only other charterholders within 200 miles are university professors, pension managers for our provincial teachers/judges pension and 2 charterholders that manage a life insurance company portfolio headquartered in my area.

I will be the only one that does Private Wealth, so in a sense it will allow me to seperate myself from the herd even more…

I work for a government. No bonus and no refund after passed. Just a personnal satisfaction and (maybe) some out-of-government job…

if I pass it will boost my credibility at my new job!

You must be really far away from Downtown Toronto my friend! :slight_smile:

You must be really far away from Downtown Toronto my friend! :slight_smile:

If you’re referring to me - yes I sure am. In Atlantic Canada - lol.

If i pass, I will start looking for a job. I graduated, did another PG course and passed both parts of FRM but failed level 3 last year. I hope to get done with this. I have a boring life. And I do know there are no good jobs out there where I stay but I’d get some good work probably. I just want to get done with it.

All the best in June 1 and in your practice ! Cheers!

More power to you with the charter!

All the best in June 1 and in your practice ! Cheers!

More power to you with the charter!

I’m doing this because I like sitting in a room with vest-wearing proctors for 6 hours.