What do you expect from your local society?

Now that I passed the three levels I try to remain active in the CFA-community life and am part of the volunteers of my local society.

Last week, while discussing about what has been achieved this year by my local society and what can be done in the years to come, we wondered why people join or participate to the life of their local CFA Society. As there might be so many different possibilites best way to know is to ask. What do you expect from your local society? Is it good to connect to other people? Have nice events with top-notch speakers? Or are you affiliate to your society because it is part of the member fee (and you do not see the added value provided beside the one from the CFAI). Asked otherwise why don’t you participate?

Thanks for your valuable answers.

I’ve come to expect about 3 emails a week. It’s really annoying.

I do check out the public speakers when the topics are interestings. Plus it’s a free lunch. Otherwise, I haven’t used my local society for anything.

The local society has been a decent place to network. The society only meets about 10 times a year. It would probably be more effective if they had a few more social events i.e. happy hours etc.

I expected the job of my dreams.