What do you guys think about Konvexity mocks?

I feel like they cover a great range of material…

However, the vignettes seem to be like half the length of the CFA mocks. Secondly, although the english is competely clear and understandable, you can tell that the writer is a non-native english speaker. For this reason, I feel like the ethics sections in Konvexity are sort of “dumbed down” and direct to the point without all the baggage you get with CFA. For this reason, I think the ethics sections are overly easy…

What do you guys think?

Konvexity, a step ahead;


Some new stuff has been added into these readings this year. So, you must NOT CONCENTRATE on those new added topics. _There is one important thing which you guys must know. Whenever CFA Institute changes syllabus i.e. adds some additional readings or updates some already existing readings , then t he PROBABILITY of getting questions from those readings are HIGHER _ than the other readings. Keeping this in mind, you can concentrate on the important areas.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, thanks konvexity, I also like the quoting style :smiley:


By the way if someone knows what they meant there would be helpfull :slight_smile: Thanks,

I found atleast 3 conceptual errors in Konvexity answers (and to top it the person replied that he/she was wrong but is helpless!!) and that is the last thing I want in this last week. Sticking to CFAI material like a leech!!

:slight_smile: Well material is free and errors are common, but this one was good.

Yes, exactly… like a Leech!! (Wtf is a leech?)

Good luck nsbharath,

Leech is a small insect like thing which sticks to our body and sucks our blood. Once it gets stuck it is hard to pull it out. So we do a leech on CFA material…

Cashcas, are you saying that the mock exams from Konvexity do NOT include questions from the additional readings?

As you can see the post I posted, sorry for Konvexity but I was pissing my pants (its the stress…), is very old.

I don’t know Konvexity, I was just cheking it out and I red the “how not to pass you CFA” quote…

=> As the first part says we should avoid new material, Fixed Income, for us, the second part says it is higly probable it will appear in the exam… O_O Maybe he was trying to cut out some competition…

Then regards to the Kon. material, sorry, didn’t read any of it.

This said would be interesting if there is really a way for the CFA exam to treat new material.

I would go for a mistake on the second part on the Kon. paragaph, but considering the Fixed Income mat has been lightned (I think) I’ll just treat it as old stuff…

Screw Mocks now. Focus on review of weak areas and relax before Saturday.