what do you guys think of Schweser mocks?

just did the 6th PM mock and got a 53%…what a piece of garbage. some of the stuff really contradicts what is in the CFAI books. I’m feeling at a loss right now and not ever sure what to do next. Should i try to understand all the questions or move on and practice topic tests or EOC questions? looking for any advice I can get.

In contrast to a lot of people here I think Schweser mocks (AM(!) & PM) are a great source for practice. I did all topic tests twice, some CFA mocks and the 6 Schweser mocks (AM & PM). I would not concentrate on the 6th PM mock (few days before exam) and just keep on practicing. Have you done all TTs? If not, I would do TTs. If yes, but you do not have any others sources I would do TTs once more. Have you done the other Schweser mocks?


thanks. I did all 6 Schweser mocks. I’ve seen an improvement in my scores, but still scoring in the 60s overall. I managed to hit a 71% in the 6th AM mock so that’s somewhat of a relief. I guess I’m feeling really deflated to get such a low score so close to the real exam. I’m reviewing the answers now, and my plan is to go over all TT’s tomorrow (I did them twice in April but want to spend another full day on them). Then W, Th, Fri will be all review. Fixed Income and Econ are my worst topics. No matter how hard I study the material every time I attempt a question I completely freeze and have no idea what its even asking me to do.

Do not focus on that single exam. Everyone may have a bad day. Since I have done it as well you can come up with specific questions to th exam. Perhaps I can help. Econ is not my best as well but I do not expect to be an expert in all topics. Too much content…

you are kind. at this point i’m focusing on learning from the questions i got wrong. i feel like i understand the basics but my problem solving skills aren’t so good. i hear you about econ…

I think they are less vicious in their attempts to set up traps, but more complicated in wording. It suits me very well personally - I scored on average 80% from 6 PM parts and over 70% in 4 out of 6 AM parts, but it doesn’t necessarily translate for me into good CFAI performance.

yeah, I have a feeling from reading this forum that it’s just me…oh well.