What do you guys think of this strategy? You doing anything similar?

Backdrop to why my strategy is the way it is: I am much more alert and focused after I wake up and can sometimes struggle trying to learn new or challenging material in the evening. My brain starts to wind down after lunch and by the time I get home, I’m kind of tired. After studying for L1, I realized that a tremendous amount of my gain came from the last month (May) that I was off (since I graduated school) and just went through every EOC problem and plowed through practice exams, reviewing along the way. I studied almost exclusively from the CFAI books and very little from Schweser books apart from their practice exams. Given that this time around I am working and don’t have the luxury of studying with a pretty flexible schedule, I have to rethink how I spend my time. My plan: Read exclusively from Kaplan Schweser -Read Schweser books for 1-1.5 hours before work every morning -During lunch, if I have time, do Kaplan practice problems -Spend 1.5-2 hours every evening doing Blue Box and EOC questions from CFAI book -Spend all Saturday and Sunday reading Kaplan Schweser TLDR; PLOW through Schweser books at a reasonable pace, leaving all of April and May for review. For reviewing, I will look solely to CFAI books (redo Blue Box and EOC) and use weekends for practice exams. For those who have taken level 2 before or if you foresee me coming across problems with this strategy, can you please share? Given my backdrop, would you use your time before and after work differently? Thanks!

Feel free to outline your plan