What do you guys think on the future of Venture Capital?

Hey Guys,

I know this topic doesn’t fit the bar on Level 3 and we all are waiting for the results. Good Luck to all of us. With some spare time after the exam, I was having a run through on venture capitalism and what the AF members take on this! According to you guys :

  1. What is the minimum skills VC look for ?

  2. Where is the most hiring done?

  3. What level can you enter at being a L3 Candidate but not previous VC firm or IB experience?

  4. How to enter? How to shine and show the firm that you are interesting and can work a junior VC

  5. What do you think is the future of Venture Capital industry

My background - I dont know coding (is it really important?). Nevertheless, I have 2 yrs business banking experience


well VC is simply a subset of private equity…not necessarily better or worse… depends on the shop. I think the biggest misconception is that all VC these days is tech but there is big money in other industries also.

I’m sure it’s super hard to impossible to get into the top firm’s without the right pedigree/ connection. these are the places that are going care about college rank. Typically top tier VC shops have very small investment staffs relative to “AUM” the portfolios may be very concentrated with low turnover so there is little need to have large “monitoring” teams.

best bet is to strike it rich doing IB or PE and then do your own VC

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Maybe he s asking from thr perspective of an entrepreneur or investor :wink: That could be even Mark Cuban.