What do you have in your office / cube / dungeon?

What do you have in your office / cube / dungeon? -In my work dungeon, I don’t have personal items except a cheap art piece that I like. People ask me if I did it myself. Some interesting / cool stuff I’ve seen in others: -Paintings done by the worker himself -Magic 8 ball (but this is because I gave it to the worker as a present) -Creepy cutouts of pictures pulled from the internet -Gumball machine

You should paint a painting of yourself, working…with AF on the screen in the background, and hang it over your chair, that would be sorta abstract.

A stack of used coffee cups that I need to throw

A picture of my fam. A “gripper” A steering wheel analog clock A bull A real bull’s hoof (my pen/pencil holder) A phone A few screens AND A VERTIABLE SHITTON OF DOMINATION!

i don’t have a cube, just a desk… I have zero privacy. Frown. But I have a bunch of adult novelties laying around… and an umbrella.

Let’s see: -Diploma from undergrad school (framed) -Certificate of completion for various continuing ed credits (laminated) -Shoes I was wearing when I completed my “3K fun run for the cure CHALLENGE” (bronzed) OK, actually, I have none of that. Just some pics of the g/f and family. I will have to get an interior decorator to come in and assist with my next job. At my desk in my apt, I own an Aeron chair for myself that I bought with my part of my first “real” bonus, and it’s absolutely awesome. Cool things I’ve seen in other offices: -When I worked at a dot-com years ago, we all had nerf guns, koosh launchers, desk toys, etc. Unanswered e-mails/IMs meant you were probably gonna get a increasingly obnoxious barrage of crap launched at you. -before we reno’d our current office, we had an old small wastebasket with the bottom cutout that someone had screwed to the back of the door in the conference room. Open the supply closet door = instant basketball hoop. We played many, many games of H.O.R.S.E. during the summer months when business was slow.

water bottle, tissues, phone charger, pop tarts, coffee mug, phone, a pen

i’m glad lotion wasn’t on ^^ list :wink: …and my last company ‘officially’ banned nerf footballs when one of the analysts took out a fire detector glass capsule thinggie, causing a flood in the area. currently @ my desk- old coffee cups, vendor tchotchkes, piles and piles of paper that ‘i need’ but probably will never look at that are teetering onto the next desk. Luckily my colleague has an even bigger pile.

Water, hand sanitizer, some pens and notepad, and box of tissues (because creating shareholder value makes me very sentimental…sniff sniff)

  • 3 walls almost completely covered with research, charts, ideas, post it notes - Sketch I did of wife and myself - Picture of dog (ferocious Westie) - Glass 24 oz Coke cup - Quotes by Alan Greenspan (from 1966 regarding the gold standard) and Adam Smith (from Wealth of Nations regarding national debts and inflation) - Pepper… and Salt cartoon from WSJ 2008 (“I suggest we all roll up in a tight little ball until the danger is past”)

Protein shaker with a bit of milk left in the bottom from last week. Delicious scent after a while.

I have a life size statue of Darth Vader standing about 6 feet behind me. It often feels as though someone is looking over my shoulder…

My office was an absolute mess of papers up until last week when I did some sorting and a lot of shredding. I think removing a lot of the clutter actually dropped my stress level this week. Desk has a golf calendar I haven’t bothered to flip since April (never even look at it), water bottle, sanitizer, couple boxes of various teas, stack of magazines/articles/research reports I filter through, and a CoC grip trainer that I play with when I’m on the phone or needing to think through something.

Smirnoff Ice

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Stuffed animals, wooden and ceramic animals, paper garbage, massage oil (I am surprised too), financial game for kids (company’s present). And some books: Spanish cookbook (company’s present), Chengdu guidebook (Chinese colleague’s present), history of Chinese characters and history of occupied Iraq.

Cute secretary under the desk in my corner office. Some cigars.

Muddahudda Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Cute secretary under the desk in my corner office. > Some cigars. Like a BAWSS

I just have a desk, too so I have: - my ‘honours’ award from the college for being one of the top students :smiley: - the rest is regular stuff - hand sanitizer, tissues, water, papers etc

among other things, soccer ball occupies pride of place