What do you listen to (if anything) when you study?

I usually listen to movie and video game soundtracks (LOTR, Interstellar, and Mass Effect soundtracks being my favorite) but have recently been listening to this techno-ish group Bluetech. This has made me curious what others listen to.

What do you listen to or do you need silence?

I listened to soundtracks, classical, and romantic era (Chopin). Gladiator, the Rock, other hans zimmer were my favorites.

Post-rock usually (Mogwai, End of the Ocean, Caspian, Echelon Effect, God is an Astronaut, Explosions in the Sky… some of my favorites).

I have a Pandora station too that is based on video game soundtracks that I will rotate in here and there.

Spotify has a playlist out there called “Deep Focus” that is really great and turned me onto a ton of great bands.

Cats, whining to be fed.

Some relaxing sounds at www.calm.com

I imagine the sobbing sounds of my family after they found out I failed, and I listen to that while studying.

I never really understood how people can focus on reading while listening to music. I spent most of my study team listening to my own internal monologue reel off about all the things I was going to do post CFA.

I used to need music to study. But with this level 2 stuff, I can’t focus if I have music on. Maybe I am just getting old. smiley

FOMC minutes from 80s

This is a great stuff. Thanks for sharing.

I literally feel like I’m in Himalayas…

Front - 242



Yeah baby…Hed Kandi’s where it’s at. It’s a shame more people don’t know about the label in the U.S.

Just listened to Alex Cudeyo’s “Memories” mix in the car today. “Firefly” by Bonnie Bailey is an awesome song…dated for you in Poland I’m sure but I’d never heard some of this stuff until now.

When reading and doing qbank i use this SciFi Soundtrack Study Spotify https://open.spotify.com/user/gohatters/playlist/5QtZhGzhHRifHz6tguRh4Z

For mock exams i use an oscilating fan audio clip from youtube. Just to block out home noice.

Yeah Hed Kandi is class…been listening to that sh!t for years…classic.

Level 1, a mix of classical violin, cello (Bach’s cello suites for sure) and Moby’s downtempo/ambient stuff. Level 2 and 3, DI.fm’s “Space Dreams” channel.